About the Longs Peak Water District


The Longs Peak Water District (District), was organized as a Water Association in 1960. Its sole purpose is to provide domestic treated water service to its customers and tap holders situated in Boulder and Weld Counties. The District changed to a single purpose special district under the laws of the State of Colorado in 1991. As our area has grown, it remains an important agricultural center, and also supports a growing suburban population. It is a nonprofit quasi-municipal governmental corporation and takes pride in its ability to maintain fair water rates and to fund all of its operations from water revenues and fees. The District has never had to establish a mill levy on property within the District to pay for bond issues or operating costs and this philosophy still prevails on the Board of Directors.

We have a small staff of dedicated employees, and supply drinking water to approximately 3,000 people living in and around the cities of Longmont, Mead, and Hygiene, Co.


It is the mission of the Longs Peak Water District to provide a reliable supply of high quality water at a reasonable price to our customers. To fulfill this mission we will:

  • Provide prompt, courteous, and responsive customer service.
  • Ensure that sound, responsible financial management practices are observed in the conduct of district business.
  • Plan, design, and operate district facilities efficiently, effectively, and safely, bearing in mind our responsibility to be a good neighbor and a good steward of the environment.
  • Promote ethical behavior in the conduct of district affairs and facilitate the public’s involvement in the planning and development of district policy.
  • Recruit and retain a qualified, productive workforce and maintain a workplace environment where diversity and excellence are valued and where creativity, teamwork, and open communication are actively encouraged.

Board of Directors

The District’s Board of Directors is elected by the electors of the District. The Board sets the policies for the District and these policies are implemented by District Staff. The District Board of Directors meets once each month — usually on the third Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the District offices to conduct their regular business meeting. These meetings are open to the public and the public is invited to attend all meetings.

Manager of the District

The Manager of the District is an employee of the District and is hired by the Board. The Manager is responsible to the Board to implement the policies established by the Board.

Tap Holders of the District

The tap holders of the District are its customers and the sole reason the District exists today. They are encouraged to review the Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations of the District and to comment on those portions which affect them. Their review and comments will be helpful to the Board of Directors in establishing the direction of the District in years to come. In this regard, all tap holders should feel free to place their views in writing, or to attend one of the regular Board meetings to discuss the matter with the Directors.

Our Staff

  • Gary Allen — General Manager
    — Gary oversees all aspects of the District’s activities. He is available to all customers of the District for whatever business needs to be discussed.
  • Katie Edmondson — Office Manager¬† — Katie can assist you with all your billing questions.
  • Ron Schlatter — Operations and Maintenance
  • Colter Thompson — Operations and Maintenance