Many customers in the Liberty Ranch subdivision contact the District offices each spring with questions regarding the upcoming year’s irrigation season.  “When are you starting the system?”  “How much water is available?”  “Are there going to be restrictions?”  “Are the rates going increase?”  These are all valid questions, and to put it in perspective, we need to look at your usage patterns over the last 2 years.

            Your irrigation water is not treated and is supplied by a local irrigation ditch company.  This is the main reason your irrigation water rates are less than your domestic or treated water.  As of last year, your domestic water was $4.20/1000 gallons, and your irrigation water was $2.50/1000 gallons.  Typically, one does not tend to conserve water a rate of $2.50/1000 gallons.  A % quota of water is set by The Highland Ditch Company each year.  This year’s quota was set at a level we have not seen in 20 years due to Colorado’s extreme drought.  A typical quota could yield around 16 million gallons for your neighborhood’s irrigation needs; however, this year may only yield 6 million gallons!  With these figures in mind, Liberty Ranch customers used approximately 18 million gallons of water during both 2020 and 2021 irrigation seasons.  The math is simple, and you will be required to conserve water this irrigation season.  The District has supplemented treated water from time to time in past years for irrigation needs and has done so since April of this year.  However, treated water will need to be conserved as well from this point forward.

            The District’s Board of Directors have decided that our customers will need to conserve their water, both domestic and irrigation for 2022.

            Beginning May 23, your irrigation water rates will initially be set at $2.50/1000 gallons for the first 8,000 gallons/month.  Any usage over 8,000 gallons/month will be billed at $10.00/1000 gallons.  We will monitor this closely each month.  This rate is subject to change depending upon water usage, availability, and conservation.  If the District does not see a considerable amount of conservation over the next billing period, further rate increases can be expected.  Also, once the pond is empty, there will be no more water available for irrigation purposes.  Longs Peak Water District has no control over these extreme drought conditions!


Depending upon the availability of irrigation water in the ditch, The Liberty Ranch irrigation system will be operational from April 20th to October 20th of each year.  Keep in mind, these dates are approximate.

Please consider adjusting your sprinklers to only water three days per week.  After your lawn is established, it takes significantly less water to maintain.  Our water source is dependent upon snow pack and temperature.  So, once it’s gone, it’s gone.  There may be occasions that we will need to feed the irrigation system with treated water.  If that is the case, you will be charged at the treated water rate.  If the District needs to limit usage due to drought, snow pack, or other issues with the supply, we will inform you here.

Are you having issues with your drip system, or are your sprinkler heads not covering the same area anymore?  Try cleaning your WYE strainer.  This strainer, or filter is located within your rectangular irrigation box.  It looks like the letter Y.  Turn off your isolation valve located in your rectangular irrigation box.   The device should look something like the photos posted below.  BY HAND, remove the top portion to find the filter.  Also remove by hand the filter and wash with a mild detergent.  You can also just drop it in your dishwasher.  Replace all pieces and hand tighten only.  That should do it.  If you have further questions about your irrigation system please contact an irrigation company. 


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