Water pressure in most District mains ranges from around 45 psi to 125 psi. Pressures outside this range do occur, however. District Regulations require that your plumbing system be able to withstand pressures of at least 150 psi. Variations in pressure are based on a number of factors, including line size and elevation. Line pressure will also fluctuate throughout the day as water usage varies. Summer pressures are generally lower than winter pressures, due to the added demand of lawn irrigation. In addition, average main line pressures in an area may, over time, increase or decrease through the normal course of development of the water distribution system.

The District recommends that customers who experience higher than desired water pressure, install an adequate pressure-regulating device in their home to protect their household plumbing from high pressure. The District also recommends that irrigation sprinkler systems be designed to operate off the regulated household system, so they will not be affected by existing or future variations in main line pressure. All customer private service lines (from the meter pit to the house), should be capable of withstanding mainline pressures of at least 150 psi.

Although exceptions do exist, the District does not typically have, nor will we install or allow to be installed, pressure regulators in meter pits. No alterations or repairs to the meter pit and/or equipment by customers or their contractors are permitted. The equipment in the meter pit is the property of the District and District staff will maintain and operate that equipment. If you suspect a problem with District equipment, please contact our office so that it can be checked and repairs made if necessary. Generally, there is no charge to District customers for repairs or replacement of District equipment if that equipment fails due to normal wear. Should someone attempt to work on this equipment, and repairs be required, the customer will be billed for those repairs.