I came home from work and found paint marks and little flags of several colors in the street and in my yard. Why are they there, and when can I remove them?

It is a law in Colorado that any person who digs or excavates must request utility locates of the area. By law, the District and other utilities are required to locate and mark their utility lines if requested. Please do not remove any flags or locate sheets from the area, since the company who is digging needs to know where the various utilities are located so they do not break them.

I want to build a fence or plant some trees along my front yard and I’m not sure if there is a water line in the area. Should I call the District?

Please call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC) for locates at 1-800-922-1987. The UNCC schedules locates for all utilities, so you can order all utility locates with one call. The District locates its water lines free of charge to contractors and homeowners alike. We cannot, however, locate or repair the private service line from the meter pit to the house.

I don’t like seeing the fire hydrant or the lid of my water meter pit in my yard. Can I landscape around them and hide them?

No. District policy requires that a minimum three foot radius around water meter pits and fire hydrants remain clear of any shrubs, trees, fences or other landscape material that limits access by our personnel for repair and maintenance. The main shut-off valve for your house is in the meter pit, and hiding or covering the pit not only increases the likelihood of delays and damage should the wateri line break inside your house, but doing so could lead to additional charges on your water bill if District personnel have to either “dig out” the meter pit or remove shrubs and trees in order to perform routine or emergency maintenance. Fire hydrants must remain visible and accessible at all times.

I’m landscaping my front yard and the meter pit is too low. Can I use bricks and raise the meter pit myself, or box in around the meter pit?

Please don’t! Simply contact the District and our employees can raise the meter pit properly to the desired height. The water meter pit and its contents are the property of the District, and unauthorized alterations can lead to additional problems. Building a wall or box around the meter pit can also prevent us from reaching and accessing the meter for emergency shut off, repairs, or maintenance. There is a service fee for raising the meter pit.