FAQs – Water Taps

How do I get a tap?

A property within the service area and boundaries of the District may be eligible for water service, provided there is “capacity to serve” additional tap or taps, without adversely impacting existing customers. A Tap Availability Review form (.pdf) must be submitted, along with the required fees, plans and legal description of the property. The District Engineer will review the form and the District will issue a letter outlining the procedure for obtaining service, an estimate of the costs to provide service, and any off-site improvements that may be necessary to serve an individual tap or development. An applicant for commercial service must also fill out a Commercial Supplemental Form (.pdf).

How much is a tap?

Tap fees consist of several components, and the total price for a tap may vary depending on the area of service, type of water right available to provide service to the tap, the size of the lot for residential service in a subdivision, or the potential water demands for commercial service. Tap fee schedules may be accessed here. For more information on tap fees which may apply to a particular property within the District, we recommend contacting the our office at 303-776-3847, or email us. (lpwdadmin@lpwd.org)

What is a rebate fee and when does it apply?

When the District or an applicant for service upgrades or extends a water line to serve a particular area, a rebate fee may be assessed to future connectors to that water line, in the form of a surcharge in addition to other tap fees. The rebate fee is intended to reimburse the District or other party for the cost of water line construction. The formula for calculating the rebate fee is generally based on the total cost of the project, divided by the number of connectors that can utilize that line.