New Connections to Longs Peak Water District

When planning and permitting new construction for a home or business within the District, you may be required to show to the applicable town or county reviewing agencies that the District has the ability to serve the property with water.

In order to receive a letter confirming the “Ability to Serve” by the District you must submit a Tap Review Form along with the required fees, plans and legal description.

If the request is for a commercial business or irrigation tap, the applicant must also fill out a Commercial Supplemental Form which assists the District in estimating the demand the tap will have on the system. The District Staff reviews and approves any new requests for service.

The response you receive to your tap request will include the procedure for obtaining service, an estimate of the costs to provide service, and any off-site improvements that may be necessary to serve the development. Please contact the office with any questions you have concerning new connections to the District.