Waterline or Utility Easements

District water mains are buried either in public rights of way or within waterline & utility easements. Although every effort has been made to utilize public rights of way, in certain cases utility easements have been platted within private property. If the title work on your property shows a water pipeline or utility easement, please be aware that there is an underground water line or other utilities installed within the easement. It is important that this water line is accessible to the District in case of a line break, or for routine maintenance.

Homeowners that have utility easements crossing their properties have a legal obligation to not allow encroachment of the easement with either constructed improvements or landscape plantings which will interfere with the maintenance and potential replacement of District facilities. It is the policy of the District to protect the territorial integrity of its water line easements. In the event that it is discovered that a property owner has allowed encroachment into a utility easement which could interfere with normal operations and maintenance of the waterline, the District will inform the owner of such encroachment. Failure of the homeowner to remove the encroachment will result in the owner being held liable for the cost of the removal, and in the event of a delay in making the necessary repairs, the homeowner can be held liable for the cost associated with the delay. Please check with the District before planning structures, fencing or extensive landscaping near or in an easement. If you have any questions concerning fencing or plantings within a utility easement contact the District office.

Water Line Locates

The District locates its water lines free of charge to contractors and homeowners alike. If you are planning to dig, build a fence, plant some trees, etc., contact the Utility Notification Center of Colorado for locates at 811.

You may come home from work and find paint marks and little flags of several colors in the street and in your yard. It is a law in Colorado that any person who digs or excavates must request utility locates of the area. On the flip side, by law the District and other utilities are required to locate and mark their utility lines if requested. Please do not remove the flags or locate sheets from the area, as the person who is digging needs to know where the various utilities are located so they do not break them.

Grant of Waterline Easement

Occasionally, the District has need for a waterline easement across private property. We have a standard Grant of Water Pipeline Easement form which will need to be completed, signed and notarized to facilitate the grant of easement. This standard form can be modified in certain instances to more correctly reflect the particular circumstances involved. Please contact the District office if you have questions or need additional information about granting an easement.