How is my meter read and water usage determined?

All meters are read monthly by our meter reader by electronically transmitting the reading via a special antenna to a mobile electronic meter-reading computer. The meter reader schedules your monthly meter reading date as close to every 30 days as our work week permits. Your Water Meter is a specially designed “flow meter” which means it tracks the quantity of water that flows through its chamber and turns the dial as water runs through it. Once the meter reader records the new readings they are downloaded into our utility billing software. They are then electronically compared to the previous reading and the current usage and charges are calculated.

Can I get a credit on my account if my high usage was caused by a leak?

We DO NOT allow credits for leaks on customer systems.

What can I do if I think my meter is not recording accurately?

If you are concerned your meter might be malfunctioning, please call our office at 303-776-3847 to discuss your concerns. We will create a work order for our Distribution personnel to check your meter on site for any problems. If they are unable to find a problem, you can request to have your meter tested. Our personnel will pull your meter, disassemble it in our shop and run tests to see if they can find any problem. If they do find a problem when testing your meter it will be replaced. It is extremely rare that meters register inaccurately, and when they do, they register slow — that is to say they register less water than actually passes through the meter.

Why is my meter pit lid painted blue and why do I need to keep the area around my meter pit clear of landscaping?

Your meter pit lid and the line from where the water main pipe connects to your meter pit are painted blue to indicate where these water utilities are buried. Each utility uses their own color of paint to locate these utilities so they know not to dig there and also to make locating these utilities easier to find when performing maintenance and repairs. If your meter pit lid is blue, it may be painted to allow our crews to find it, for meter reading or maintenance. The District requires meter pits to have a three foot radius clear of obstructive landscaping to enable our personnel to find your meter pit in the event of an emergency or for routine repair.

Who owns my meter pit?

While the meter pit may be located on your property; it still belongs to the District and is our responsibility to maintain and make any repairs to the pit and the equipment inside it. It is against District policy for you to access your meter equipment. The metering equipment in the pit is costly and sensitive and easily damaged, even by removing the lid. If personnel discover that you have tampered with your meter, one or more of several penalties may be assessed, including fines and permanent termination of water service.